Elaine O'Keeffe Photography


October 2020 Since the COVID-19 pandemic was raging though the world, our travelling options were limited. We therefore decided to visit this gem in our province – a place we hope to visit often. Alex, from Discover Churchill was our guide for two days. He drove us through the tundra in search of polar bears […]

SeaWalls Churchill

SeaWalls Churchill was created to inspire the community to protect the ocean. This little town on the edge of the Artic was reminded of their own value and worthiness in the world. See https://www.seawallschurchill.ca for more information.

Bears and other arctic wildlife

Seeing bears in Churchill is the highlight of the trip, we was a Mama and yearling cub several times over the few days. Other wildlife spotted were ptarmigan, artic hare and a golden eagle.

Arctic Landscape

Landscape in the artic is so vast and varied. The rocks and the vegetation growing on and around it make natural abstracts. There is always something to catch your eye.