Elaine O'Keeffe Photography

7 for 52 – Week 12

A day spent in enjoying nature within the city limits

7 for 52 – Week 11

  Photos taken on a foggy day in Southern Manitoba and during a rainy walk in Columbus, Ohio

7 for 52 – Week 10



7 for 52 – Week 9

Winter’s beauty


7 for 52 – Week 8

Photos taken in many of my places with some of my favorite people


7 for 52 – Week 7

Most of these photos were taken while on a lunch break walk on the Assiniboine and Red Rivers.


7 for 52 – Week 6

The second week into polar temperatures, which also seemed to freeze my creativity and desire to take photos, so this week I did not meet my goal of 7 photos.


7 for 52 – Week 5

This was a challenging week for me to take photos, the temperatures outside were very cold…


7 for 52 – Week 4

This weekend, I had the opportunity to go to my nephew’s hockey game, so several images are from that event. Earlier this week, Manitoba Camera Club had the opportunity to learn about light. We were able to experiment with the shapes light created with models and light on fabric.

7 for 52 – Week 3

A project for 2019, where I plan to post 7 photos for 52 weeks. Not necessarily taken every day, but at some point throughout the week. Week 3 – Playing with ice bubbles