October 2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was raging though the world, our travelling options were limited. We therefore decided to visit this gem in our province – a place we hope to visit often.

Alex, from Discover Churchill was our guide for two days. He drove us through the tundra in search of polar bears and other arctic wildlife. He told us stories of the people from Churchill and the way they lived and worked in the area over the years. He made our trip very special. We saw a mama and yearling cub several times over the two days, as well as arctic hares, ptarmigan and a golden eagle. We visited many of the Churchill SeaWall murals, the abandoned rocket range, polar bear alley, Miss Piggy and so much more.

Our experience on the Tundra Buggy was interesting: this is a “Bus” built for the tundra which can accommodate lots of people.  Our guide, Kevin, took us into Wapusk National Park on the established trails of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. We drove over the tidal flats and saw polar bears from a distance.

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