Whimsical milkweed

One day on a walk with my friend Wendy and my dog Cosmo, we noticed this very interesting weed in the ditch. After capturing a few images that day, I returned twice to capture many more images of this whimsical weed. These are my favorites.

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Nature Photo Challenge


Periodically on Facebook, my photography friends invite me to participate in a Photo Challenge.  This time it was a Nature Photo Challenge for 7 days.  I picked my favorites of photos taken in 2015.

Day 1

The photo of Niagara Falls was taken from our hotel window. I was excited to capture a rainbow and to try portray how powerful the falls are. Maybe another time when the wind is in a different direction, I will be able to get some photos with a closer view.

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Snowy days

In December, there were heavy snow days leaving many of the trees covered in a blanket of snow.  These photos were taken near Treherne and Bruxelles, MB. Read More